Samantha Milne
21 years old
Melbourne, Australia

Kitten Drawn Hearse by Julia deVille at Sophie Gannon Gallery a couple of days ago
good morning, it’s my birthday

nicolas andreas taralis aw13.

Your shop is closed. What do you sell there?


Thus far I’ve only sold clothes I don’t wear anymore (which I’ll do again soon, sorted through my wardrobe recently); but eventually I think I’ll attempt to sell drawings.

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Dude your last name is Milne? That's my mum's side of the family's name. We could be distant relatives haha!


Haha I doubt it tbh, Milne is my step-father’s surname. My biological father’s surname is Chang but I changed to Milne as soon as I legally could.

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Hey i am looking for new music for a video idea i am working on, could you point me towards some of the bands etc you are currently obsessed with.


Hi! I’ve been listening to The Knife a lot lately (Heartbeats on repeat haha). Purity Ring’s always good. Grimes is fun. Keaton Henson if you’re sad and you wanna feel simultaneously comforted and sadder haha. And baby angel Hugo’s band - Toy Boats!

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Rick Owens - Spring 2008.

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You andd your outfits are really cute! Do you ever do OOTD?


Thank you! And nope. Though I’m kinda considering beginning to list which brands/designers I’m wearing when I post more outfit-focused photos.

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