Samantha Milne
20 years old
Melbourne, Australia


You andd your outfits are really cute! Do you ever do OOTD?


Thank you! And nope. Though I’m kinda considering beginning to list which brands/designers I’m wearing when I post more outfit-focused photos.

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"Le Naiadi" (1881) - Gioacchino Pagliei

Ann Demeulemeester, Fall 2010

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Hey Samantha, I admire your style! Any suggestions where to buy a simple school girl knife pleat skirt?


Hi, thank you! I have actually been on the hunt for the perfect pleated skirt for a couple of years now, haha, but I’m super particular and haven’t found ~the one~ yet. The one I usually wear is custom-made, and it’s okay for now, but I wanna replace it with something of higher quality. My most cost-effective suggestion would be to literally just buy a school uniform skirt then have it tailored if need be. Yohji has done some nice pleated skirts but they’re typically at least knee-length.

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devon aoki for alexander mcqueen s/s 1997 by nick knight

Hidenobu Yasui, dress, Spring–Summer 2009 model: Tao Okamoto/Supreme Model Management
photography hidenobu yasui

Japan Fashion NowPublished in association with The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Sakura by Sayaka Maruyama

Are you interested in girls at all or just straight? Wait, no. How long have you had that same haircut? It's impressive.


I’m not straight, but so far I’ve only ever been attracted to girls physically rather than romantically. And aside from maybe about 5 tween to early teen years of experimenting (and when I was a peach-fuzzy baby of course), I’ve had this hairstyle my entire life hahah.

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Hussein Chalayan S/S 1998“Between”

Shalom Harlow and Angela Lindvall at Yohji Yamamoto S/S 1999“Suitchi”

Do you wear perfume?


Yup! Infusion d’Iris by Prada.

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A young Lithuanian named Auguste Abeliunaitewho had tears streaming down her face during both of her walks for Jil Sander in 2009. 
Auguste Abeliunaite: There wasnt any small shoes or my emotional problems! The lights was very strong and cameras was flashing all the time. My eyes are very sensitive thats why i was crying.

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